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BCHT recently began offering FUE hair transplant procedures! As per our mission statement, the clinic’s goal is to offer stellar results at competitive rates. This accomplishes two critical industry goals.

  • First, to broaden patients’ access to quality hair restoration.
  • Second, to disrupt the current trend of affordable transplants ranging from subpar to disastrous.

There’s a good chance the clinic will advance this progressive agenda. Founded by foremost specialists Drs. Bisanga and Cole, BCHT offers top-caliber expertise with state-of-the-art equipment and techniques. Their patients enjoy FUE results that are realistic, flattering, and indistinguishable from regular heads of hair.

Accomplished surgeons, both also have researched effective innovations that offer unique benefits to patients. This includes the capability of transplanting every hair type, as well as faster growing, thicker results due to a number of clinically proven treatments.

BCHT always puts the patient first. From consultation to arranging travel and lodging, count on the clinic to facilitate the best visit possible. Why take our word for it, though? Read the below patient story!

Sasha Strampic’s Review: A Great Visit with Great Results

One of our first patients, Sasha contacted us while touring Croatia post-procedure. The opportunity to enjoy travel and leisure is one perk of selecting BCHT. Of course, results should always be the first concern of patients. Selecting the first established BCHT clinic based in Athens, Greece naturally has huge appeal to individuals due to such affordable pricing whilst also exemplifying the highest quality in FUE standards.

The recipient of 4500 FUE grafts, of which 3500 were planned, Sasha’s procedure is comparatively large. Adding to his knowledge base, Sasha had also one previous hair transplant before choosing BCHT. His in-depth review is a great reference. In it, he addresses initial feelings about a procedure in Greece, the impression of the clinic and procedure, and assessment of recovery.

sasha results

Ian (Patient Advisor): How was your experience with the clinic, hotel and travel?

Sasha: To be honest going to Greece wasn’t my preference and perhaps I had some reluctance thinking ‘will I get the same job and service as in Brussels?’ (at BHR Clinic) and ‘why is the cost so much cheaper?’ It’s just logical and common sense thinking to assume this. I put this to Ian (Patient Advisor) many times and he reassured me there will be no difference and that everything will be done with the same procedure and care as in Brussels.

Impression of the Clinic

Sasha: So far now (it’s only 11 days into it) I am confident that I made the right choice and so far very happy with the result. I’m looking forward to coming back for a top up and to fix my scars from a previous procedure. My mate has looked at my results and he too wants to join me next year again.

On the Travel

Sasha: I traveled all the way from Melbourne via Saigon and Paris. It took me around 36 hours of jet lag a day before the procedure. I booked an Airbnb place just 300m walk from the clinic which was perfect. No taxis, no hassle, no dramas.

The FUE Procedure Experience

Sasha: I had two days and 4500 grafts done – it was draining and uncomfortable at times, however, my long trip didn’t help. In the end, it was all worth it as I only expected 3500 grafts! To come from the UK, as you are, will be a breeze and so easy.

Reggie (Interested Patient): How was your FUE procedure carried out, was it by Dr. Bisanga and his usual team or was there any Greek staff helping also?

Sasha: Dr. Bisanga carried out all the planning, hairline, best options, graft puncture, positioning of new grafts and constant check-ups whilst the team removed the grafts and regrafted them. I was also worried that Dr. Bisanga would do minimal work and say let the new Greek staff just do it all. However, it was good to see him take control and do the most important parts. He also had, I think, two to three team members with 10-15 yrs experience flyover from Brussels to do the removal and grafting. They were really pleasant, and we had a great time chatting and making the most of the situation. The Greek staff was also there, helping out and being very supportive. Pick up and drop off to the airport was arranged too.

Reggie, I am a very pedantic and a fussy person. I’ve looked into this for many years. I actually flew from Australia in 2016 just to meet Dr. Bisanga and to be sure I’ve made the right choice.

On the Results

Sasha: So far now (it’s only 11 days into it) I am confident that I made the right choice and so far very happy with the result. I’m looking forward to coming back for a top up and to fix my scars from a previous procedure. My mate has looked at my results and he too wants to join me next year again.

On the Transplant Recovery

Sasha: My tip is to stay in Greece after the procedure as long as possible – I wanted to leave asap as I’m not a fan of Greece from previous travel experiences. This time it’s been great from what I’ve experienced. However, take your time and leave at least three to four days after the procedure. Just relax and let it all settle down, etc. There’s no way I could have traveled earlier. You’re swollen, dizzy at times, and your body is somewhat in shock, I guess

Final Thoughts for Prospective Patients

Sasha: Hope this helps, so just go for it – I’m feeling so much more confident and excited. Some people just don’t get it how mentally this affects you and years of being miserable about it – I’m sure you get it. I’m now finally starting to love it! Don’t get me wrong, life is great and there are more important things – however, this was really bugging me, now I’m just looking forward to the growth and more next year! PS; my girlfriend thinks that the mirror is more important than her now! Haha!!

Additional Testimonial of a Recent FUE Hair Transplant Procedure from Dr. Cole

In addition, a recent patient of Dr. Cole’s also posted a short testimonial. These hair transplant results are from 6 months and, as you’ll see, they are quite impressive. Patients who use the same treatment course, only found at a few clinics, can expect equivalent results at BCHT.

Andy Parker: “Before and after (or after and before!) – folks this place is the real deal. Like many of you, I laughed when I first heard about Forhair – I thought it was impossible – we have all heard the patches and strips horror stories. Fast forward almost 6 months after surgery and my hair is growing out of control – has been years and years since I got up in the am and my hair stuck straight up. Folks – Forhair did not ask me OR pay me etc to post this – I did it for all of you that are on the fence BECAUSE IT HAS CHANGED MY LIFE! I am told often now I look younger and people are shocked my hair is so thick (AND IT’S STILL EARLY!!) You will not regret it – feel free to PM me with any questions etc!”

As Facebook visitors will note, Andy’s photos diverge from the usual. The transplant results are undeniable, though, and showcase quality work. As mentioned in the story, PM him if you’d like to hear his perspective on the transplant and its progress.

Andy Parker – Before and after posted on Facebook

BCHT: The New Standard for Clinics Worldwide

The first clinic of its caliber, BCHT is a great opportunity for patients. Expect the best available results from famed surgeons. Along with being reputed specialists and researchers, Drs. Bisanga and Cole are both leading figures in the hair restoration industry. From training surgeons to patient advocacy, both adhere to the very best of standards. Expect further patient reviews in the future! Contact us today!

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