Hair transplantation is more effective and affordable than ever. Further advancement of the industry, however, requires widespread training and patient advocacy. The spread of new techniques is progressing. However, continuing focus on access and education is vital to ensure best practices and favorable results.     

To this end, globally renowned specialists Dr. Christian Bisanga is proud to announce the lauching of a BHR clinic in Athens.

The Bisanga Hair Restoration group will feature the talents of several renowned and experienced surgeons. Joining Dr. Bisanga, Drs. Yiannis Venetsanos and Krystallia Kyparissou. The group further plans to train additional surgeons and assistants and invite them into the group with time.

Hair transplantation has advanced, yes. The increase in demand, unfortunately, has also incentivized less scrupulous clinics to exploit patients’ hopes and trust. Such clinics are prone to favor nations that lack malpractice laws or otherwise have difficulty enforcing them, though many inexpert surgeons also operate in nations known for stringent medical regulations. Patients who choose such clinics often struggle with disastrous results: unnatural hairlines, donor hair depletion, major scarring, and worse.