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BC Hair Transplant is a luxury hair transplant clinic with competitive prices run by top FUE Experts in the field. We offer the complete hair transplant solution all under one roof. Two of the world’s top surgeons, Dr. Chris Bisanga and Dr. John Peter Cole, have united to create an experience and service unlike any other. Together they are offering the most competitive cost that will exceed any patient’s expectations!

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Athens, Greece


I’ve had loads of compliments about my hair just lately, and I am pretty thrilled I went ahead with it. As I’ve said before, Dr. Bisanga is top notch, and his team provides a quality customer service.

Dr. Bisanga’s Patient

Now that I’ve got my full head of hair back, I can laugh, joke and be confident. It’s important to seek the right person, the right surgeon to do the job correctly and I was very fortunate to find Dr. Cole.

Dr. Cole’s Patient

The Doc and his team are true masters at what they do and made me feel very at ease, through the procedure and after.

Dr. Bisanga’s Patient

I found the experience, on the whole, to be good. I truly appreciated Dr. Cole’s candor, kindness, and integrity. And I found his staff to be professional and considerate. Should I have any future needs, I have no doubt that Dr. Cole is my guy. I am progressing well, and am astounded by how quickly I am healing.

Dr. Cole’s Patient

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